Librarians’ Day at StokerCon 2017

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librarians-day2Librarians join us for special programming designed just for you!



9:00am – 9:50pm : Keynote Address (Queen’s Salon)
Speakers: Lisa Morton, Becky Spratford, Nancy Holder, George R.R. Martin

10:00am – 10:50am :Tales from the Crib: Horror for Young Readers and Young Adults

Horror is for everyone! Learn about titles available for your 18 and younger audience and how to nurture the love of weird literature.

Panelists: Gretchen McNeil, Nancy Holder (more to come)

11:00am – 12:00pm : A Birthday for Frankenstein!

Frankenstein turns 200 years old in January 2018! Brainstorm ways to celebrate the bicentennial celebration at your library.

12:00pm – 2:00pm : Catered Lunch at the Chelsea Chowder House and Bar and a Visit to the Exhibit Hall

2:00pm – 2:50pm : Wheel of Misfortune

Play along if you dare and, as we explore the sub-genres in horror.

3:00pm – 3:50pm : Building Diverse Horror Collections

International horror, horror written by women, horror about people of color. Learn how to seek out titles and authors that will make your horror collections more complete.

4:00pm – 5:00pm  : All Author Signing