Ann Radcliffe Schedule!

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Block 1 – Spotlight: Stephen King 9:00 AM
Joanna Parypinski No Laughing Matter: Creepy Clowns as Modern Folk Devils
Rahel Schmitz Mapping Digital Dis-Ease: Representations of Movement and Technology in Stephen King’s Celland Jim Sonzero’s Pulse Film
82 Karen Bovenmyer Shirley Jackson and the Fear of Ordinary People

Block 2 – Horror and the Senses 10:30 AM
Eric Guignard Sense Impressions and the Literary Techniques Used to Evoke Them
Melissa Kaufler Lana Del Rey: Gothic Princess of Hauntography
85 Janet Holden We’re All Alone Out Here: Isolation and its Contribution to Space Horror in Film

Lunch 12:00 PM

Block 3 – Monsters, Part I: The Literary Monster 1:00 PM
Elizabeth Bobbitt The Mist of Death is On Me: The Horror of Ann Radcliffe’s Unexplained Supernatural in Gaston de Blondeville
Audrey Fessler The Shifting Locus of Horror in Stoker’s “The Squaw”
Nicholas Diak Perfection is a Process: Intertextuality between Herbert West-Reanimator and Dynamite Comics’Re-Animator series
Rocky Colavito Et Up and Spit Out: Socio-politics, Literary Traditions, and World War Z (the book, not the movie!)

Block 4 – Monsters, Part II: Classic to Modern Monsters 2:30 PM
Anthony Gambol Monsters
Kent Pettit Medieval and Modern Godfathers of Ghouls: William of Newburgh and George A. Romero as Subversive Sages for Turbulent Times Film
Michele Brittany Unwrapping the Linens: Defining the Cinematic Mummy and Its Role in Popular Culture Film

Block 5 – Disenfranchised Representations of Horror 4:00 PM
Erika Rothberg Norman Can’t Leave the Nest: Freudian Theory and the Uncanny Use of Taxidermied Birds in Psycho
Jamil Mustafa Neo-Victorian Representations of Masculinity in Crimson Peak and Penny Dreadful Film

Kevin Wetmore “We’ve Got to Get into / out of This Bunker!”: Paranoia, Politics and the Inside/Outside Dialectic of Post-Millennial Horror

Organizing Co-Chairs

Nicholas Diak  & Michele Brittany